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Mesh Networking creates near-limitless connections
Mesh is a self-optimizing and self-healing network, always looking for the best connection and seeking a new one when a device disconnects. Tufftalk M features two different Mesh modes: Open Mesh and Group Mesh. With Open Mesh, a near-unlimited number of users can connect to each other within an effective range of .7mi. For private sessions, Group Mesh supports up to 24 participants. Tufftalk M also features 4-way Bluetooth intercom in order to connect to Sena's Bluetooth-equipped devices.


  • Up to .7 miles of range in open terrain. (Can extend up to 2.8 miles between 6 riders at 1 mile apart)
  • 9 Open Mesh Channels (similar to how two-way radios work, but in full duplex)
  • Private Group mesh intercom for up to 24 users.
  • Up to 8 hours of mesh intercom talk time (13 with Bluetooth intercom)
  • 26dB Noise reduction
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Dimensions & Weight:

    • Headset: 5.9 in x 7.6 in x 3.8 in
    • Speaker Driver Unit: 1.3 in - thickness 0.3 in
    • Boom Microphone: length - 3.9 in
    • Over-the-Head: 12.5 oz


    Working Distance:

    • Bluetooth Intercom: up to 440 yards in open space
    • Mesh Intercom™: up to .7 miles in open space*
      *can extend up to 2.8 miles between a minimum of 6 users (in open space).

    Supports up to:

    • Bluetooth Intercom: 4 users
    • Mesh Intercom™ (Open Mesh): virtually limitless users
    • Mesh Intercom™ (Group Mesh): 24 users


    Over-the-Head Earmuff Type:

    NRR (ANSI S3.19-1974, US) - 26 dB


    Noise Cancellation:

    Advanced Noise Control™


    Built-in SBC Codec

    FM Radio:

    • Radio frequency specifications: 76 ~ 108MHz
    • 10 preset station memory


    • Bluetooth intercom: up to 13 hours
    • Mesh intercom: up to 8 hours
    • Charging Time: 3 Hours
    • Quick Charge: 20 minutes of charging equals 3 hours
    • 1400 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery


    CE, FCC, IC