Ocotillo Wells Lowrance Map

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Ocotillo Wells Lowrance Map by Rugged Routes

*Compatible with HDS Series Gen 2 or newer And Elite Ti Series or newer LOWRANCE units.

Map Includes:

  • 0.5-meter Aerial Imagery of Truckhaven and Ocotillo Wells SVRA
  • Ocotillo Wells and Truckhaven OHV Boundaries
  • Roads / Trails / Washes
  • Campsites & Restrooms

Points of Interest:

- Pumpkin Patch
- Gas Domes
- Blowsand Hill
- 4x4 Trailing Area
- Notches...and More!

    Instructions Below:

    • Insert the card and if asked "Do you wish to change chart data selection to view inserted charts" Select yes.
    • To change your GPS settings to show the satellite imagery on the HDS Live, Press Menu, Select More Options, Select Chart Options, Select Chart Detail, select Full. Select Photo Overlay and Select Full.
    • When you change the map to be the satellite imagery - it is only reading that map. Your normal background mapping is not visible, only the area with the satellite imagery. To switch in between the two on the HDS Live, Press Menu, Select More Options, Select Chart Source. "C-MAP US..." is the factory map, "Lowrance" is usually the satellite imagery map.