Moab Lowrance Map

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Moab Lowrance Map by Rugged Routes

This SD card includes high-definition aerial imagery of trails for use in your Lowrance HDS GPS system. This mapping system should be used in conjunction with the FunTreks Guidebook Series.

Maps include Trailhead information, waypoint details and trail traces for 55 different trails, including Strike Ravine, Fins and Things, and many more! The trail list is as follows:

  • Book Cliffs Sego Canyon
  • White Wash Sand Dunes
  • Tower Arch
  • Tusher Tunnel
  • Hidden Canyon Overlook
  • Hidden Canyon
  • Bartlett Overlook
  • Bartlett Wash Road
  • Sevenmile Rim
  • Rainbow Terrace
  • Secret Spire Dellenbaugh Tunnel
  • Spring Canyon Point
  • Spring Canyon Bottom
  • Hey Joe Canyon
  • Mineral Point
  • Gemini Bridges
  • Metal Masher
  • Long Canyon
  • Bull Canyon
  • Gold Bar Rim
  • Poison Spider Mesa
  • Golden Spike
  • Cliff Hanger
  • Hurrah Pass
  • Moab Rim
  • Pritchett Canyon
  • Kane Creek Canyon
  • Behind the Rocks
  • Strike Ravine
  • Picture Frame Arch
  • Flat Iron Mesa
  • Hells Revenge
  • Fins and Things
  • Sand Flats Road
  • Steel Bender
  • Onion Creek Fisher Towers
  • Dome Plateau
  • Top of the World
  • Dolores River Overlook
  • Rose Garden Hill
  • Thompson Canyon Polar Mesa
  • Castle Gateway Road
  • Geyser Pass
  • La Sal Pass
  • Potash Road Shafer Switchbacks
  • White Rim
  • Lathrop Canyon
  • Chicken Corners
  • Lockhart Basin
  • Lockhart Canyon
  • Canyon Rim Overlooks
  • Colorado River Overlook
  • Elephant Hill
  • Lavender Canyon
  • Beef Basin

    Instructions Below:

    • Insert the card and if asked "Do you wish to change chart data selection to view inserted charts" Select yes.
    • To change your GPS settings to show the satellite imagery on the HDS Live, Press Menu, Select More Options, Select Chart Options, Select Chart Detail, select Full. Select Photo Overlay and Select Full.
    • When you change the map to be the satellite imagery - it is only reading that map. Your normal background mapping is not visible, only the area with the satellite imagery. To switch in between the two on the HDS Live, Press Menu, Select More Options, Select Chart Source. "C-MAP US..." is the factory map, "Lowrance" is usually the satellite imagery map.