Icom Sat100 Handheld Radio

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Expand your Two-Way radio communication outside of VHF limitations and talk anywhere in the world using satellite radio communication. This two-way radio system utilizes Iridium® satellite network covering the whole earth, so you are never out of touch with your team. Icom Sat100 Plans start at $65.99 per month, per unit, with a $50 activation fee, per device. 

Unlike Sat Phones, users can immediately start talking to anyone in the talk group with a push of a button. You can even text within the group using the iPhone or Android RS-SAT100 application.

Connect your Icom Sat 100 to your PCI intercom using this interface cable. Our A/B Radio Switch allows you to connect your Icom Sat100 and your VHF Two-Way Radio into your intercom. The A/B switch selects which device transmits when you press the PTT. 

With the optional AH-40 antenna, the IC-SAT100 can be used inside vehicles. With the Bluetooth® capability, operate hands free while driving. To keep it mounted and powered with the Icom BC-247 Docking Station.

Charging cradle, AH-40 antenna, Interface Cable and Hand Mic all Sold Separately. 


  • Network: Iridium Satellite
  • Bluetooth & GPS Built In
  • Output power: 1500 mW internal speaker, 1000 mW external speaker
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Operates 100% of the globe
  • Voice recording function
  • Talkgroup Scan
  • Priority Interrupt Calling
  • Vibration Alert
  • Compatible with other Iridium® PTT devices


  • $50 activation fee per unit
  • $250 per month medium talk group fee - waived for 5 or more units

Two Pricing Plans:

  • 3 Month Plan: $125 per month, per unit. Early termination fee of $225 per unit.
  • 12 Month Plan: $65.99 per month, per unit. Early termination fee of $450 per unit

At the end of 3/12 months, contracts auto renew on a monthly basis, must cancel via email 48 hours before desired termination date by emailing billing@satellitephonestore.com 


Stay alert and informed with the convenient emergency key function. By holding down the orange key on the top of the radio, an emergency call will be sent to other preprogrammed radios. Users can also use the priority interrupt function to relay important messages.


With an IP67 rating that means this radio is waterproof up to 1m depth of water for 30 minutes and dustproof. With the AquaQuake™ function, stay assured that the radio stays internally dry. When using the AquaQuake™ function, the radio vibrates and pushes the water out of the grill of the speaker.


Communicate confidently with short data messaging or PTT on the secure AES 256-bit encryption key.