Arizona Lowrance Map

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    Arizona Lowrance Map V3 by Rugged Routes

    **For Lowrance HDS & Elite Ti GPS Units**

    This SD card includes high-definition aerial imagery of trails for use in your Lowrance HDS or Elite Ti GPS system. This mapping system should be used in conjunction with the FunTreks Guidebook Series. Maps include Trailhead information, waypoint details and trail traces for 100 different trails, including Pyeatt Draw, Broken Arrow, Backway to Crown King and many more! The trail list is as follows:


    01 Toroweap Overlook Trailhead
    02 Jumpup Point Trailhead
    03 Three Fire Towers Trailhead
    04 Fire Point Timp Point Trailhead
    05 Point Sublime Trailhead
    06 Buffalo Ranch Trailhead
    07 Orderville Canyon Trailhead
    08 Tater Ridge Trailhead
    09 Saddle Mountain Road Trailhead
    10 Hull Cabin Trailhead
    11 Monument Valley Trailhead
    12 Canyon De Chelly Trailhead
    13 Elden Mountain Schultz Pass Trailhead
    14 O'Leary Peak Loop Trailhead
    15 Cinder Hills OHV Area Trailhead
    16 Smiley Rock Trailhead
    17 Horseshoe Canyon Trailhead
    18 Woodchute Trail Trailhead
    19 Mingus Mountain Trailhead
    20 Red Rock Powerline Trailhead
    21 Outlaw Trail Trailhead
    22 Greasy Spoon Trailhead
    23 Devils Bridge Van Deren Cabin Trailhead
    24 Soldiers Pass Trailhead
    25 Schnebly Hill Road Trailhead
    26 Broken Arrow Trailhead
    27 Oakcreek Homestead Trailhead
    28 House Mountain Trailhead
    29 Blue Monster Trailhead
    30 Senator Highway Crown King Trailhead
    31 Desoto Mine Trailhead
    32 Turkey Creek Trailhead
    33 Bloody Basin Road Trailhead
    34 Backway to Crown King Trailhead
    35 Black Canyon Creek Trailhead
    36 Black Canyon City Overlook Trailhead
    37 China dam Fort Tule Trailhead
    38 Tip Top Mine Trailhead
    39 Terminator Trailhead
    40 Crapshoot Trailhead
    41 New River Trailhead
    42 Big Maggie May Creek Trailhead
    43 Box Canyon at Hassayampa River Trailhead
    44 Wickenburg Mountains Trailhead
    45 Vulture Mine Trailhead
    46 Hieroglyphic Mountains Loop Trailhead
    47 Pyeatt Draw Trailhead
    48 Mt. Ord Lookout Trailhead
    49 Four Peaks Trailhead
    50 Sycmore Creek Trailhead
    51 Rolls OHV Area West Side Trailhead
    52 Suguaro Lake Cove Trailhead
    53 Rolls OHV Area East Side Trailhead
    54 Bulldog Canyon Trailhead
    55 Apache Trail Trailhead
    56 Montana Mountain Trailhead
    57 Hackberry Creek Trailhead
    58 Walnut Canyon Trailhead
    59 Reymert Mine Trailhead
    60 Woodpecker Trail, Ajax Mine Trailhead
    61 Elvis Trail Trailhead
    62 Box Canyon Trailhead
    63 Jack Handle Trailhead
    64 Coke Ovens Trailhead
    65 Gila River Loop Trailhead
    66 Tucson Wash Trailhead
    67 Wild Burro Canyon Trailhead
    68 Charouleau Gap Trailhead
    69 Backway to Mount Lemmon Trailhead
    70 Rice Peak Trailhead
    71 Chimney Rock Trailhead
    72 Chivo Falls Trailhead
    73 Gunsight Pass Trailhead
    74 Gardner Canyon Trailhead
    75 Bull Springs Road Trailhead
    76 Patagonia Mountains Trailhead
    77 Chloride Mines Trailhead
    78 Diamond Creek Road Trailhead
    79 Secret Pass Trailhead
    80 Pass Canyon Trailhead
    81 Hualapai Mountain Trailhead
    82 Moss Wash Trailhead
    83 Bison Falls Trailhead
    84 Mohave Wash Trailhead
    85 Cattail Cove Trailhead
    86 Backway to Desert Bar Trailhead
    87 Vampire Mine Trailhead
    88 Swansea Townsite Trailhead
    89 Plomosa Mountains Trailhead
    90 Sandbowl Trailhead
    91 Dripping Springs Trailhead
    92 Harquahala Peak Trailhead
    93 Belmont Mountain Trailhead
    94 Kofa Queen Canyon Trailhead
    95 Castle Dome Mountains Trailhead
    96 Laguna Mountain Ridge Trailhead
    97 Fortuna Mine Trailhead
    98 El Camino Del Diablo East Side Trailhead
    99 El Camino Del Diablo West Side Trailhead
    100 Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Trailhead

    Instructions Below:

    • Insert the card and if asked "Do you wish to change chart data selection to view inserted charts" Select yes.
    • To change your GPS settings to show the satellite imagery on the HDS Live, Press Menu, Select More Options, Select Chart Options, Select Chart Detail, select Full. Select Photo Overlay and Select Full.
    • When you change the map to be the satellite imagery - it is only reading that map. Your normal background mapping is not visible, only the area with the satellite imagery. To switch in between the two on the HDS Live, Press Menu, Select More Options, Select Chart Source. "C-MAP US..." is the factory map, "Lowrance" is usually the satellite imagery map.